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Mark’s K9 College is committed to keeping the Human-Animal Bond in place. Our goal is to train and educate the owner about their dog, once you learn the skills, together we can train your dog with humane training techniques.

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• Puppy Training

• Basic Obedience

• Create Training

• House Training

• Off Leash Training

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• Dog Walking Modification

• Separation Anxiety

• Aggression

• Resource Guarding Management

• Meal Manners

• Hyper-Activity Management

• Anxiety Management

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Evaluation Services:

• Aggression Evaluation

• Canine Social Evaluation

• People Skills Evaluation

• Anxiety Evaluation

• Preparation for Canine Good Citizen Evaluation​

• Obedience Skills Evaluation

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Counseling Services:

• Adoption Counseling for most adoptable animals

• Re-Home Counseling

For more information contact Mark at:

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