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Training Makes the Difference







3299 US Highway 46
PO BOX 6268
Parsippany, NJ 07054

A Bit About Me

Mark Hladyk has over 10 years working with animals. He has various hands on experiences in working at animal shelters and hospitals.

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Work Experience

November of  2011.

June of 2015.

January of 2016

March of 2016

August of 2017.

June of 2018)

Mark received his diploma in All Dog and Cat Grooming and Shop Management from North Jersey School of Dog Grooming.

Mark wanted to pursue his passion in helping animals so he obtained his Dog Obedience and Instructor Diploma from Penn Foster College.

He is also certified in Animal Psychology, from Online Academies.

 Certified for Pet Adoption from Holly & Hugo.

He finished and got his certificate of completion as a vet assistant.

He also has a certification as a Vet Assistant (Approved Veterinary Assistant, AVA).

Mark is adopted from Russia, he knows how it feels for homeless animals to be in shelters or worse, due to being in a orphanage himself. His family has only ever adopted rescues and this is where his heart is to help animals comes from.

In his spare time, he likes to do photography, write and sing.

Two dogs
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